St. Paul Players

106 Maple St.

Reading, OH 45215

2020    Steel Magnolias

2019    Happy Hollandaise!

            The Unexpected Guest

            Coctails With Mimi

            McKenna's Choice

2018    The Christmas Express

            Lavender and Old Lace

            The Lower Room

2017    Catch Me If You Can


            Passing Grandpa


2016    Over the River and Through the Woods


            Four One Act Lenten Plays

                    The Red Tie Club

                    The Canvas of Lies

                    Crazy for Christ

                    Walkin' Home   

2015    A Nice Family Gathering

           Blithe Spirit

           A Month of Sundays           

2014    Christmas Cabaret

            Hotel Pickle

            Cirrius, Nebraska

            The Last Leaf

2013    The Living Nativity

            Not on This Night

            The Night I Died at the

                Palace Theater

            The Best Mistake


2012    Big Bucks

            Scenes from Love's Cafe

2011    Don't Kick the Turkeys

            Every Little Crook and


2010    Angels Unaware

            The Race

            You Can't Get There From


2009    The Crazy Quilt Club

            You Can't Beat the House

            The Dandelion House


2008    A Wing and a Prayer

            Pap's Place

2007    If the Good Lord's Willing

                and the Creek Don't Rise

            Heart to Heart

            Doubts and Promises

2006    Don't Kick the Turkeys

            The Case of the Conspicuous


2005    The Guy with the Cardboard


            Assignment: Witness

            Paul's Blindness is Cured

            Jesus Cures Ten Lepers

            Jesus Heals a Blind Person


2004    The Longest Night

            The Other Carpenter

2003    The Verdict

2002    Mother of a Thief

2001    Little W's Christmas Tale

            Who Am I ?



Passing Grandpa


The Lower Room

Canvas Of Lies

Crazy For Christ

Red Tie Club


Walkin' Home