St. Paul Players

106 Maple St.

Reading, OH 45215


There are many opportunities to participate in live theater in our community.

Join us on the stage, work with us behind the stage, and help us to present a quality product the community can be proud of by helping to support us financially.

All sponsors, big and small, will be recognized at our performances.  Take out an ad in our playbill, sponsor a set, or just a small donation.  All are appreciated!

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For details on participating in our productions click here.

Next Performances:

Catch Me If You Can
by Robert Thomas

Friday August 20 7:00 pm

Saturday August 21 7:00 pm

Sunday August 22 12:30 pm

Friday August 25 7:00 pm

Saturday August 26 7:00 pm

Sunday August 27 12:30 pm

Admission is $15 

Call 513.426.6504 for

reservations or 

group rate information


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