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The St. Paul Players are the wonderful, creative and fun loving drama group from St. Paul Lutheran Church in Reading Ohio. The St. Paul Players put on several performances each year sharing a message, laughs and drama with our community.

The St. Paul Players presents fun, family-friendly drama and comedy  everyone will enjoy. Our next production is Pat Cook's The Christmas Express.

This production features the return of several St. Paul Players’ veterans as well as the introduction of new actors. 

Cast announced for "Happy Hollandaise"

by Tim Koenig

CLAIRE                                  Kaitlin Otto

GEORGE                                Andrew Schiltz

IRENE                                   Michelle Cockerman

LARRY                                   Owen Kelm

ABBOTT                                Nate Huitger

MARY                                    Molly Simons

VILMA                                   Meredith Conner

PHILIP                                   Kelly Hale

INSPECTOR ABERNATHY        Carroll Mayhugh

DIRECTOR                              Randy Blake

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR             Rachel Thorman

PRODUCER                             Cindy Mayhugh

PRODUCER                             Sarah Papin

Kaitlin Otto
Andrew Schlitz
Kelly Hale
Meredith Conner
Owen Kelm
Michelle Cockerhamm
Nate Huitger
Molly Simon

Carroll Mayhugh
Randy Blake
Rachel Thorman
Cindy Mayhugh
Sarah Papin

Next Performances:

Steel Magnolias
by Robert Harding

Friday March 6 6:15pm
Saturday March 7 6:15 pm

Friday March 13 6:15pm
Saturday March 14 6:15 pm
Sunday March 15 12:15 pm

Admission is $10

Children under 12 FREE

Call 513.426.6504 for

reservations or

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