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106 Maple St.

Reading, OH 45215



The St. Paul Players are the wonderful, creative and fun loving drama group from St. Paul Lutheran Church in Reading Ohio. The St. Paul Players put on several performances each year sharing a message, laughs and drama with our community.

The St. Paul Players presents fun, family-friendly drama and comedy  everyone will enjoy. Our next production, Joe DiPietro's Over the River and Through the Woods, is the story of a twenty something man and his relationship with his grandparents.  The generational clashes in the fore-font of this story are summed up with Grandma Emma's statement "Nicky, I think you expect too much.  You look for the perfect girl, so you find no one. You spend so much time worrying ..., you just expect too much."

The cast and crew of our next production.

Emma Cristano Rachel Thorman
Nick Cristano Nate Huitger
Caitlin O'Hare Chris Schingldecker

Nunzio Cristano Randy Blake
Producer Nick Huitger
Director Barry Prince
Frank Gianelli Carroll Mayhugh
Aida Gianelli Sarah Papin

Lavender and Old Lace
by Rose Warner

Friday July 27 7:00 pm

Saturday July 28 7:00 pm

Sunday July 29 1:00 pm


Friday August 3 7:00 pm

Saturday August 4 7:00 pm

Sunday August 5 1:00 pm

Admission is $15 

Call 513.426.6504 for

reservations or 

group rate information

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