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Announcing the next generation in Information Request Management

The ANF Technology Suite Version 2.75



The sheer volume of information the typical enterprise needs to process threatens to outpace the best efforts to manage it. Most of the difficulty occurs when accessing specific information. While only 3 to 5% of archived data needs to be recalled, an incredible amount of time is lost tracking and retrieving it.  It really is about time - the time required to capture, process, store, and retrieve valuable information.


ANF Technologies is dedicated to providing comprehensive value-added services that satisfy the increasing demands of Information Request Management. We pledge our imagination, high standard of technical competence, and commitment to excellence when implementing methods and procedures assuring the integrity and preservation of your valuable documentation. 


ANF Technologies, LLC focuses on the capture, recording, retrieval and management of information, documentation and images for a variety of business applications.  Our flagship product, The ANF Technology Suite, is the premier solution for handling the large number of requests processed daily by large and small organizations.  Our users include some of the best known names in banking.